Single Needle Direct Drive Straight Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer

S-7100A Basic functions

  • S-7100A

・Comfortable and high speed sewing
・New hook enhances sewing capability for a wide range materials
・High reliable electrical equipment
・Needle breakage prevention function
・Environment conscious

Resolved oil staining with a minimum lubrication system to the needle bar

Minimum lubrication system is used for oil supply around the needle bar where it is said to occupy approximately over 90% of oil stain issues. It supplies limited oil only to the needle bar and thread take-up and prevents oil from being dispersed, realizing clean sewing for your valued products.

No oil necessary in the oil pan

Oil tank system has been adopted so it is not required to keep oil in the oil pan.

The new hook enhances sewing capability

The new hook is improved the thread cast off enables to expand sewing range for medium materials.

Achieved 5,000 sti/min with high reliability

The max. sewing speed achieved 5,000 sti/min, increasing the productivity. rother-developed direct drive motor and control box maximize the sewing performance while operating at the high speed. The machine can cont「ol box be used even areas where the power situation is unstable.

Needle breakage prevention function

When reverse stitching is carried out with the actuator switch, needle breakage may occur. With thorough analysis of its cause, the function preventing the needle breakage has been introduced.

Great needle penetration force

Powerful motor outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force.

Stable rotary-type thread trimmer

The rotary-type thread trimmer performs constant and stable thread trimming regardless of materials of threads with easy adjustment.

LED handy light equipped as standard

LED handy light is equipped as standard which integrated with the actuator switch. The brightness can be adjusted on the operation panel.

High energy saving

The power consumption of the machine is approximately 50% less than that with the V-belt driven system (with an AC motor). This direct drive sewing machine offers the best energy saving in the industry.


Single Needle Lock Stitch Lineup

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