Treble Hook / Treble Hook with Intermittent Presser Foot

NEXIO BAS-326H-484/484SF

NEXIO BAS-326H-484/484SF
  • NEXIO BAS-326H-484/484SF

・Treble hook reduces the frequency of bobbin changes
・Accurate sewing finishes for extra-heavy materials
・Intermittent presser foot(-SF only)
・Best User Experience with LCD Touch Panel

NEXIO BAS-H series Product Introduction

Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed
NEXIO BAS-H series Product Information


Accurate and Strong Sewing even for Extra-heavy Materials Exceptional Stitch Quality

The use of the advanced controlled, heavy duty feed mechanism provides excellent, superb stitch quality and tight stitching even for extra-heavy sewing applications.
Also, the upper thread feeding device which supplies the necessary length of upper thread at the start of sewing, preventing the thread from pulling-out regardless of the material feeding amount. 

Exceptional stitch quality
Sewing Area is Enlarged to 220mmx100mm

The sewing area is enlarged to 220mmx100mm, compared to the previous model. It is suitable not only for seatbelt sewing but also for webbing materials.

Sewing area is enlarged to 220 mm x 100 mm
Treble Hook Equipped

Treble hook is equipped as standard so that the frequency of bobbin changes can be reduced, leading to productivity enhancement. 

Treble hook equipped
Great Needle Penetration

Powerful motor(550W) outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If the needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control(intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force. 

Great needle penetration

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Product Movie

Product Information

Video of Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed NEXIO BAS-H series. You can see how this industrial sewing machine is contributing to the owner, mechanics and operators.

Brother's IoT solution; NEXIO system

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Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine Lineup

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