Customized Devices for Bar Tacking and Button Attaching Sewing Machine

Product lineup

・Good for label attaching process and magic tape attaching process.
・Air Clamp system.
・Can be expanded to 50x40 with option device.

・Good for eyelet hole process.
・As the clamp can be open & close, in order for after the sewing of eyelet hole, the holes can be made tighter.

・Good for eyelet hole of a cap.
・2 processes which are "Making hole" and "Stitching" can be done in one operation.

・Good for label attaching on the edge of fabric.
・Stitching quality gets more stable than manual sewing.
・Enables to increase productivity by 40-50%.
・[Label size] Width: max.50mm, Length: max.25mm, Thickness: 0.5-1.5mm

・Good for Belt loop process
・Operators can sew up & bottom of the materials easily
・Clamp foot: L (27mm x 3mm) / S (16mm x 3mm)

・Clamp for the Elastic joint sewing.
・Expansion kit for sewing area 50x40 (SB7777-001) is recommended as an option.

・Support holding the fabric just around the needle, avoiding skip stitch, good for soft fabrics.

・Wide variety of sewing capabilities such as hook and loop fastener and applique.

・This device will hold the thread at the sewing start.
・Good for avoiding skip stitch at sewing start.

・Good for a large number of stitches sewing.
・Machine can stop in the middle of the stitching if mistake.


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