Customized Devices for Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

Product Lineup

・Good for label attaching and magic tape attaching process.
・This device gives stable stitching quality & higher productivity.

・Good for label attaching process.
・Productivity gets more than 2 times compared to single needle lock stitch sewing machine.
・Stitching quality is stable.
・Enables to avoid human error.

・Good for reducing bird's nest.
・Both thread take-up device and thread nipper device are recommended.

・Change pattern number by the barcode.
・Enables to avoid operator's mistake with un-matching Zig & pattern number.
・Using Barcode together with Auto-lock sensor & Cassette clamp system is more effective.

・Auto eject system, sewing by pallet.
・Using Cassette clamp system together with Auto lock sensor & Barcode is more effective.

・It locks automatically by detecting PIN on a cassette clamp.
・Using Auto lock sensor together with Cassette clamp system & Barcode is more effective.

・This device can hold the fabric or pallet near the needle.
・Reduce the risk of skip stitch.

・This device can hold the needle thread.
・Reduce the risk of skip stitch at start sewing.

・This device can detect the skip stitch.
・Machine can stop when skip stitch occurs.

・Ejector kit for airbag sewing.


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  • Customized Devices for Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

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