Customized Devices as Original Machine

Product Lineup

・Good for attaching shoelace toungue loop.
・It enables to attach 3 loop types.
・Easy operation with LCD touch panel.
・The system performs lace loop heat-cutting, folding, and placement automatically.
・Clean sewing without oil staining.
・Low noise and low vibration.

・3 modes can be selected according to the labeling method:
 No add on material / Add on bottom side / Add on top side
・Easy operation with LCD touch panel.
・3 processes in 1:
 Line cutting process / Label bundling process / Label stitching process
・Clean sewing without oil staining.


Ladies wear Under wear Sports wear Suit Shirt Knit Trouser Jeans Bag / Leather Shoes Car accessory Work wear


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  • Customized Devices as Original Machine

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