Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed

NEXIO BAS-326H Specifications

  • NEXIO BAS-326H

・World’s Top-class Sewing Speed of 2,800sti/min with High Quality Sewing
・Great Needle Penetration
・High Energy Saving
・Best User Experience with LCD Touch Panel

Special Contents


Stitch form Single needle lock stitch
Max. sewing speed 2,800sti/min*1
Max. sewing area 220.0x100.0mm
Feed mechanism Intermittent feed (pulse motor drive)
Stitch length 0.05-12.7mm (per 0.05mm)
Max. number of stitches 20,000 stitches (per program)
Max. number of programs 999
Work clamp drive Pneumatic drive
Work clamp lift amount Max. 30.0mm
2-step work clamp Separate-type
Height of steppong presser foot 22.0mm
Stepping presser foot stroke 2.0mm-4.5mm、4.5mm-10mm or 0mm (Default setting: 3.0mm)
Hook Double-capacity shuttle hook
Thread wiper
Thread trimmer
Digital tension ◯ (data addition is available with external memory)
Thread breakage detector
Data strage media Internal flash memory (data addition is available with external memory)
Motor AC servo motor 550W
Weight Machine head: 88kg 
Control box: 9kg
Power Single phase: 100V/200V 
3-phase: 200V/220V/380V/400V
Air pressure/ Consumption 0.5MPa    1.8l/min

  • *1 The stitch is 4.0mm or below.


Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine Lineup

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