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IoT - 1 line assessment by NEXIO SYSTEM

Is your sewing machine always working well?

In your factory's working time, there are not only sewing time but also much more time a sewing machine stops such as handling time, downtime due to machine failure, break time for an operator. Unproductive operators may be spending more time other than sewing. But how do you know the breakdown and improve their work?

Let's visualize your factory's productivity with Brother's latest IoT system!

Quick survey

It will be completed in a few hours by just attaching a communication module into your machines. Using the data, Brother will provide you with a simple report for your factory.

Reliable data

Data will be collected automatically from sewing machines without human intervention. No need for operator’s extra work nor inaccurate measurement by a man.

Report Examples


Sign up today and find out machine utilization!

Our IoT specialist will contact you once you have applied. We will explain the details of IoT system and answer your questions. Then, schedule a visit to your factory accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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