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The Push Towards
Digital Transformation in the Apparel Industry

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Current Challenges in the Apparel Industry

Increased Competition

Global apparel brands have embraced offshoring, thus, competition among apparel manufacturers is no longer domestic, but on an international scale.

Apparel manufacturers are forced to compete not just on quantity, but on quality and speed as well.

Increased Labour Costs

Many Asian countries will lose their global competitiveness over the next decade due to the rapid rise in minimum wages across the region as businesses face increasingly higher costs of production.

Increased Small Lot Orders

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, production volume was greatly reduced. The focus for apparel manufacturers is now changing from output volume to quality.

So Who Can Stay Ahead?

Apparel Factories who pursue Short-Term cost cutting measures, such as reducing manpower, or forcing manpower to work longer hours for lesser pay.

Apparel Factories who pursue Long-Term productivity improvement through digital transformation, allowing them to increase the efficiency of their processes and produce more at a lower overall cost.

What exactly does Digital Transformation mean?

Digital transformation is the adoption and integration of digital technology into different industries and transforms businesses by replacing non-digital or manual processes. COVID-19 has accelerated an inevitable digital transformation trend in every industry, including the apparel industry.

Hear from Experts at the forefront of Digital Transformation in the Apparel Industry

In this exclusive webinar, industry experts from Brother Machinery Asia, GPRO Global, and YCP Solidiance share:

  • The current push towards digital transformation in the apparel industry
  • Insights on digital transformation in the apparel industry
  • Tips on how apparel factories can transform their operations digitally

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Get useful information on the latest digitalisation trends in the apparel industry, case studies, and tips on what you can do to stay ahead.

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Where the Apparel Industry needs to advance towards

How can Apparel Manufacturers Digitalise?

Step 1

Understand your Needs

Understand that you need to adopt digital transformation in order to drive value creation. Realize what your current issues are and find out what and where you need to improve.

Step 2

Prioritize strategically

Prioritize your issues accordingly. Evaluate your needs and the urgency of each issue, while making sure that your solutions are all feasible with your current hardware and software.

Step 3

IoT + DATA Visualization

All digitalization in factories should start from data collection. Once an IoT system is integrated, data from each line and process would be collected automatically for analysis.

Step 4

DATA Analysis and ACTION

With the data collected, we can understand how to improve our targeted processes and receive recommendations from the automated feedback system. Immediately realise value from doing so.

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