Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer


  • NEXIO S-7300A

・Enhances productivity and quality sewing by DigiFlex Feed
・Needle breakage, material slippage, and puckering prevention
・Reduction of disposition of thread ends
・Offers a new value with Design Stitch
・Clogging at cross-over seam reduction
・Equipped the color LCD touch panel for intuitive operation
・Enhances the operability with new Hand Switch

Special Contents


World’s first Electronic Feed Control directory connected with stepping motor

Adopted the World's First function which uses electronic feeding system and is capable to change the feed motion according to usage.

Needle Breakage Prevention Function

With the electronical feeding system, it controls the timing of motion of needle and feed dog while sewing and prevents the needle breakage occurs.

New Double action thread trimming system

Short remaining thread minimum 3 mm. Enhances the sewing quality by bird's nest reduction.

Productivity Improvement by Improving Production Management with IoT

The visualization by connecting sewing machine and computer technology enables the customer to analyze, manage processes and speed up productivity improvement and maintenance work.

IoT対応で生産の「見える化」 生産管理の効率化を実現

  • Bottom-feed
  • Direct Drive
  • Thread trimmer
  • Operation panel
  • Multi-use

Product Information Movie

Product Information

Video of Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer NEXIO S-7300A. You can see how this industrial sewing machine is contributing to the owner, mechanics and operators.


Single Needle Lock Stitch Lineup

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