Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Network System

Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Network System Features

Network System
  • Network System

・Real Time: You can observe a production progresses in real time
・Visualization: Graphic message support you understand what is happening in your production lines
・Maintenance: You can control the conditions of sewing machines

Brother IoT from even a single machine

Brother's new IoT solution will provide you significant benefits

Easy to start and Easy to expand

With Brother, you can introduce IoT services from one single machine. Thanks to cloud server, you can enjoy real-time production control anywhere you are. This Stand-alone Panel and counter enables IoT network connection. NEXIO Series are NOT required for Stand-alone Panel nor counter.

Production Progress

You may count the output in real time. The graphic display which has bar chart for target and result out put, line chart for accumulation, enables you to understand any change in production and result of improvement.

Graphic Display

Output Comparison by Each Machines

You can compare the output from multiple sewing machine by bar chart, it helps you recognize the line balances and find a bottleneck point.

Working Efficiency

You can observe the working ration of each sewing machine by bar chart. So, it helps you to find the low working efficiency point.

Accumulative Output

You may find the accumulative output from any particular machine by one week, one month, and three months.

Average Cycle Time and Variation

To select any particular machine and show the average cycle time and variation, you may understand the stability of production processes.

Production Facility Managements

Confirming the Status

You can see the status as; normal(power on), stop(power off), and error.


Support Information

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