Maximize Sewing Operation & Productivity - August 23, 2021

Sewing Machine Operation time is only 20%, Handling Time takes the rest of the 80%!

Find out your machine's operation ratio!

Different Sewing Machine Types have different Operation Ratio

Based on our research across 300+ factories and 2,500+ sewing machine operators, Brother found out that operating time of sewing machines is only about ~ 20%, and the rest is handling time.

Since Material Handling time is such a significant part of sewing operations, let Brother help you make improvements to this process today.

*Our data is based on studying 2,500+ sewing machine operators across over 300+ factories through our complimentary 1-line assessment service for our customers.

Brother's 1LA revealed that the Operation ratio of sewing machine is different for each item!

This analysis helps you to understand which product has a higher operation ratio compared to other products. For e.g. Shoes have high operation ratio because they are utilizing BAS (programmable sewing machine).

For other products, process length & difficulty of the operation is reflected in their operation ratio.

Brother analyzes your factory's machine operation ratio for each item!

Let Brother help you. Our FREE 1-Line assessment can help you to study the item wise operation ratio of the sewing machine.

With this data collection & Brother's analysis:

  • Improve the material handling time.
  • Increase your factory's productivity.

Find out your machine's operation ratio!

Let's find out about your machine's operation ratio!

We will connect a data tracking device to your machines to visualize:

  • Line Balancing
  • Cycle Time
  • Capacity
  • Stability
  • Operation Ratio

We will generate a report of your production line and arrange a next visit if you are interested in another line study after the assessment.

We have completed over 300 1-Line Assessments in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam

Sign up today and find out machine utilization!

Our specialist will contact you once you have applied. We will explain the details of IoT system and answer your questions. Then, schedule a visit to your factory accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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