Data Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM - Feb, 2021

Data collection from production line is not complex

Multiple ways to collect data from production line.

Multiple ways to collect data from production line.

>>NEXIO system is a production monitoring system which collect data directly from sewing machine. We started enabling data collection automatically from only Brother brand machine but now we have new devices available to connect other brand machines. SA panel mini, and SA5 device with synchronizer, these devices are now available to collect non-Brother machine data without bothering operator also.
Additionally, we have tablet application which enables to input defect data at fabric inspection, parts inspection, and in-line inspection. (manual input)

Where is your starting point of your digitalization?

Where is your starting point of your digitalization?

Globally there are huge trend for digitalization, and we are frequently receiving request from the customers now a days. From those requests, what we understand is garment factory are struggling to judge where to start. Some IT company is providing full coverage of system, however, main concerns are about the costing and worries toward whether worker can handle such kind of superior system.
From Brother we are offering flexible start of digitalization. As mentioned above paragraph, we are offering various data collection point which enables you to install from even 1 sewing machines. Or, if you are more in interested in visualizing and digitalizing defect analysis, we can offer tablet application which also helps you to improve your operation such as real time report creation and paper less in the production line.

Data from sewing machine

Data from sewing machine Data from sewing machine

We are taking various types of data from sewing machine including…
・ Trimming count
・ Cycle time
・ Operation ratio
・ Error history
・ Needle count
From those data, we can visualize each operator's capability against standard time. Since we are taking all the sewing data, we can also visualize stability of the operation. Additionally, we are taking needle time and machine on/off time, we can also visualize operation ratio of the machine.

Data from Inspection Tablet (INS panel)

Data from Inspection Tablet (INS panel)

Tablet enables you to capture various types of the information. Starting from defect information, we can also input process name and PO number etc. by each defect count. With inputted information, we can provide report with process wise or defect type analysis.

Experience the data collection from sewing machine

Experience the data collection from sewing machine

We are offering FREE 1-Line assessment which we will connect data tracking device to your machine and visualize,
・ Line balancing
・ Cycle time
・ Capacity
・ Stability
・ Operation ratio etc.
After the assessment, we will provide report of the production line and if you are interested in another line study, we are happy to arrange the next visit also. Till today, we have conducted over 280 1-Line assessment in India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Feel free to enter below form to experience the data collection in your factory.

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