Industrial Engineers are Not Efficient on Analysis - July 22, 2021

We found that IEs spend 40% of the time on data collection in the factory

You could be spending up to US$23,000 per year unnecessarily through time wasted from manual data collection. When you are paying someone to do high level analysis for your factory, their time should not be spent on doing manual work!

Here’s the solution for you

Automatic data collection with NEXIO system

Automatic data collection reduces time spent and enhances accuracy

NEXIO system makes use of a unique device without disturbing IEs or even the operator. With NEXIO, 88% of time and cost savings can be achieved.

One stop data collection with Brother

With our latest device, data can be collected automatically from all machines, not just Brother machines

Other brands' sewing machine data can be collected automatically as well.

Here’s the solution for you

Automatic data collection with NEXIO system

We will connect a data tracking device to your machines to visualize:

  • Line Balancing
  • Cycle Time
  • Capacity
  • Stability
  • Operation Ratio

We will generate a report of your production line and arrange a next visit if you are interested in another line study after the assessment.

We have completed over 300 1-Line Assessments in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam

Fill up the form below to book a Free 1-Line assessment for your factory

Our specialist will contact you once you have applied. We will explain the details of IoT system and answer your questions. Then, schedule a visit to your factory accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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