Huge Gap between Standard Time and Actual Performance - June, 2021

74% of garment factory processes are performing below expectations

Delays could be due to:

  • Insufficient material input, causing the operator to wait for the next piece
  • Processes allocated to operator was too difficult to meet standard time
  • Operator is not following guidelines of the process, causing delay

All these issues will result in your profits being lowered.

76% of operators are operating at more than 120% of standard time

Our data is based on studying 2,500+ sewing machine operators across over 300+ factories through our complimentary 1-line assessment service for our customers.

Unbalanced lines and production delays result in losses for your factory

These inefficient processes result in unbalance lines, eventually resulting in production delays.

Production delays may require you to:

  • Plan overtime
  • Change your freight to air in order to avoid missing delivery dates

All these issues will result in your profits being lowered.

Here’s the solution for you

Visualization with quick action is the key to regaining your profits

In order to fill the gap between your plan and the actual processes, you must visualize the actual situation.

Let Brother help you. Our FREE 1-Line assessment can help you to collect accurate data for the whole day without your IE's analysis time and operator's work .

With this data collection:

  • It will lead to proper improvement of your factory
  • Ability to visualize actual capability of your sewing line

Get a FREE 1-Line assessment to find out about your machine utilization!

We will connect a data tracking device to your machines to visualize:

  • Line Balancing
  • Cycle Time
  • Capacity
  • Stability
  • Operation Ratio

We will generate a report of your production line and arrange a next visit if you are interested in another line study after the assessment.

We have completed over 300 1-Line Assessments in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam

Fill up the form below to book a Free 1-Line assessment for your factory

Our specialist will contact you once you have applied. We will explain the details of IoT system and answer your questions. Then, schedule a visit to your factory accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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