Data Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM - March 17, 2021

We started to collaborate with Gpro.

We started to collaborate with Gpro.

We started to collaborate with Gpro.

Gpro (Link to an external site) is leading provider of RFID, IoT & Digital Solution to the apparel industry who located in Malaysia. This cooperation is to meet the higher demand from the various types of customers.
In the past 2 years of NEXIO system’s sales activity, we are keep receiving the voice for more features including HR attendance, salary, and work in progress management etc. Currently our system is focusing on data which comes from sewing machine and inspection tablet only. Sometimes feature is not enough to meet the customer demand sufficiently.
However, we are now starting to coordinate with Gpro who have answers to these requests.

There are 2 additional things we can offer from this cooperation.

1. Upgrade your NEXIO system with Gpro

Real time defect monitoring.
Currently our NEXIO system can be segmented as an entry model for the data collection in the sewing and inspection area. Our system has functions to collect cycle time, production count and machine operation ratio etc. However, some customers are considering installing MES system including storage management from fabric loading to shipping. For those customers who have bigger expansion plan, now we have option to promote whole coverage software.

2. Combine strength to offer new category of system

Real time defect monitoring.
In addition to upgradation from the NEXIO system to GRPO system, we are currently working to seek additional benefits to the market. With combination of the affordable devices from Brother and advanced software system from GPRO, it will surely provide advantages to the middle-class garment factories. As an example, by combining sewing machine automatic data collection with HR skill matrix software, it provides advanced and deep analysis against production. Each system has its own advantages, however, with the combination it will create another level of solutions.

Experience data collection with 1-Line Assessment

Experience real time data collection!

We are offering FREE 1-Line assessment which we will connect data tracking device to your sewing machine and visualize following data in REAL TIME.
・Line balancing
・Cycle time
・Operation ratio etc.

We are hoping from this service, you can experience the smooth data collection with real time. After the assessment, we will provide report of the production line and if you are interested in another line’s study, we are happy to arrange the next visit also. If required, we are happy to explain about this Inspection tablet along with the sewing machine assessment.
Till today, we have conducted over 280 1-Line assessment in India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Feel free to enter below form to experience the data collection in your factory.

Sign up today and find out machine utilization!

Our specialist will contact you once you have applied. We will explain the details of IoT system and answer your questions. Then, schedule a visit to your factory accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please read the Terms of Use here and send the application if you agree to it.

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