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special offer against covid-19

Is Large Investment Necessary for Improvement?

special offer against covid-19

Against COVIT-19, many factories are forced to enhance work efficiency. However, isn't it difficult to find where to/how to improve without any proper suggestion from professional?

- RFID burdens on sewing operator by extra tasks and requires time and high effort to educate them to input data constantly.
- Grasping line bottleneck data automatically or quick way requires system but most of them are complicated and expensive.
- It’s difficult to judge which automation products or devices are suitable for our production line.

Budget and effort are necessary. Is it correct?

Brother is now providing 1 Line Assessment including 3 types of services!

special offer against covid-19

In order to improve work efficiency, Brother is offering new 3 services.

Operation Analysis Report ・Line data visualization
・Check real productivity
・Find where to improve
Maintenance Workshop ・Technical Q&A
・Machine adjustment
・How to utilize machine
Automation Proposal ・Factory survey
・Find where to automate
・Propose automation

Operation Analysis Report

special offer against covid-19

Our IE specialist will check productivity of 1 line in your factory and give a report with line data visualization to show where to improve.

Quick survey
It will be completed in a few hours by just attaching a communication module into your machines.

Reliable data
Data will be collected automatically from sewing machines without human intervention. No need for operator’s extra work nor inaccurate measurement by a man.

Detailed report
Line balancing, cycle time, operation ratio, operator stability, and you can also find out the rank of your operators compared to others in Asia based on more than 300,0000 sewing machines data.

Maintenance Workshop

special offer against covid-19

Our technical team will offer your team a following activities. If you have any troubles in your machines, use this opportunity well

Brother’s technical specialists help you with
- Technical Q&A
- Machine Adjustment
- How to utilize machine

Automation Proposal

special offer against covid-19

Brother‘s automation team will visit production line and will find process which can be automized and save labor cost with simple automation.

Brother customized devices
- Label attaching
- Expansion kit
- Bridge type BAS-H series

IMB products
- Shirts automation
- Trouser automation
- Button feeder


special offer against covid-19

Now, we are offering these services for FREE to overcome this difficult time.
Brother is always at your side. Let's expand business together!

Sign up today and find out machine utilization!

Our specialist will contact you once you have applied. We will explain the details of IoT system and answer your questions. Then, schedule a visit to your factory accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please read the Terms of Use here and send the application if you agree to it.

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