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3 tips to increase productivity in small-lot production

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3 tips to increase productivity in small-lot production

Short-term productivity improvements by 5% learned from Vietnam's largest factory

3 tips to increase productivity in small-lot production

Today, on the theme of improving factory productivity, we would like to introduce a major factory in Vietnam that succeeded in increasing productivity by 5% with small-lot production.

Many factories are probably engaged in Time-study to improve productivity. Typically, two to three times Time-study is conducted for each style change for productivity improvement, but in small-lot production, which sewing around 700 pieces per day and be completed within three days, many factories may have given up on making improvements.
The reason is that Time-study takes more than two hours per line, and including the time for data analysis, production would be completed before any improvements are made.

IE and line leaders have faced problems.

3 tips to increase productivity in small-lot production

That factory in Vietnam, like the others, had given up on improving short-run production. It would take too long to measure each operator's work with a stopwatch, and it also would take a lot of effort to compile and analyze the data after the measurement.

In addition, line managers were faced with the problem of discrepancies between the measurement results and the operators' self-awareness, which prevented them from finding bottlenecks and making improvements.

3 key points for small-lot production improvement

3 tips to increase productivity in small-lot production

There are three things that are necessary to improve small-lot production.
(1) Fast and accurate measurement
(2) Rapid reporting
(3) Data sharing among stakeholders

This factory made it possible with the NEXIO SYSTEM.

Finally, they succeeded to increase productivity by 5%!

3 tips to increase productivity in small-lot production

The data is collected directly from the sewing machine and automatically graphed.
This eliminates the need for manual time measurement and allows the user to quickly check the automatically graphed data.
With IE, line managers, and operators being able to see the same data, and disagreements have been eliminated. Operators are more open and honest in explaining their issues to the cause of the drop in production, and line managers are more willing to give appropriate feedback.
Now, in the short-run & small-lot production, they were able to increase productivity by a whopping 5%.
"It has all the features managers ask for", Director says of the NEXIO System, "It's a great way to increase our efficiency and give our company a competitive edge."

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