Data Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM - May, 2020

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020

Transition of sewing time in Asia before/after COVID-19 - From February to April 2020

Garment industry lost over 70% of functions by COVID-19

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 01

In March 2020, when the world has been hit by an outbreak of COVID-19, the influence was evident in the garment industry. Amidst the immigration control on foreign nationals and the declaration of a state of emergency across Asia, in late March, a lockdown was declared in India and Bangladesh, and all sewing factories were shut down.

As a result, total sewing machine operating hours in four Asian countries – India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia – fell to 27% in April, less than half as much as in February, just before the pandemic.

Although some factories have resumed operations at mid-May, many of them are still out of operation and there is no prospect of resumption. We will show how the strong virus is affecting the sewing industry by actually looking at the figures for each factory and consider how to survive in this difficult & terrible situation.

COVID-19 shut down garment factories around the world

Sewing machine operating hours in factories are significantly reduced as sewing factories were shut down in line with the COVID-19 containment measures in each country.

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 01

Vietnam weekly operating hours & incidents confirmed

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 05

One of the countries most successful in reining in COVID-19, almost all companies already back in business in May.
Both the number of units and operating hours have been recovering since April, but the operating hours is still low compared to the number of units in operation, indicating a small number of orders.

22-Mar: Suspension of entry for all foreign nationals
1- Apr: Promulgation of “Social Distancing”
16-Apr: 1st Deregulation (About low risk area)
22-Apr: 2nd Deregulation (About operating of restaurants)
8-May: 3rd Deregulation (About public transportation)

Bangladesh weekly operating hours & incidents confirmed

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 03

They didn’t operate in April due to the lockdown but some factories started the operation in May.
However, as the number of infections continues to grow and the Eid holiday is scheduled for the end of May, the complete revival of the sewing industry may still be ahead.

15-Mar: Suspension of entry for all foreign nationals
23-Mar: Nationwide lockdown was announced from 26 Mar- 4th April
31-May: Lockdown extended till 11th April 2020
5, 11, 23-Apr: Lockdown extended
4-May: Lockdown extended till May 16
7-May: All on arrival visa suspended for all country till 16th May
14-May: Lockdown extended till May 30

India weekly operating hours & incidents confirmed

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 02

The lockdown continues and no factories have been operating since April. And the number of infected people continues to grow.
We can say tha it is the most severely affected by COVID-19.

3-Mar: Suspension of entry for all foreign nationals
22-Mar: India declared 14-hour public curfew
24-Mar: Nationwide lockdown was announced for 21 days
14-Apr: Lockdown extended till May 3
1-May: Lockdown extended till May 17

Indonesia Weekly operating hours & incidents confirmed

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 04

Compared to other countries, the situation is relatively good though there is a national trend of self-restraint while the government declared a state of emergency at the end of March and requesting restrictions on movement during the holiday period at the end of April. However, the operating hours have not got back yet here as well.

2-Mar 1st infection in Indonesia
20-Mar Proclamation of the state of emergency
31-Mar Suspension of entry for all foreign nationals
31-Mar Promulgation of 「Social Distancing」
23-Apr Movement restriction during Id-ul-Fitr

How we can quickly restore the situation

Compared to February's results, the number of units and sewing machine operating hours across Asia is still less than 50%. In addition, you can see that operating hours have not caught up with the number of units. Productivity per sewing machine has fallen to around 70%. It means that the number of orders from buyers is low while the factories started operating.
It was unavoidable that the factory was shut down by the pandemic. What we need to consider from now on is how we can quickly restore the situation, and what indicators we can use to determine the direction in which we can revive the situation and other issues (target values) for each factory.

Date Trend from NEXIO SYSTEM May, 2020 06

Visualize the capacity and take advantage in negotiations with buyers

If you have already installed NEXIO SYSTEM into your factory lines, you can read trends immediately and take countermeasures since you know the operating results of the factory before February.
Also, being able to show the capacity of the factory will give you an advantage in negotiations with buyers. It will definitely helpful for you to be able to see the actual capacity and estimate the growth even if the amount of production will not be the same as before.

If you would like to try the system in your lines, sign up for 1 line assessment.
This is a difficult situation but our IoT specialist explain the details remotely. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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