Solution Tips - Jul, 2021

Brother's Partner Product Introduction: IMB Pattern Template Machine

Widening of synchronous belt, stepper motor and frame design of large machine

Needle and head parts operate without oil lubrication

Pre-cutting cam is convenient for maintenance

New formwork clamping device, convenient installation and handling of folding table

Are you facing problems related to speed and pollution?

The machine head adopts oil-free lubrication technology, and the hook adopts oil line lubrication technology. Application of these technologies solves the problem of high-speed operation of the machine and eliminates the pollution of liquid lubricant to the fabric.

Are you experiencing high costs of template production?


The structure of taper clamping is adopted to ensure the free clearance of the clamping plate, convenient operation, and to reduce the pressure stability of the air source. When air pressure drops to 0.4MPa, the template can be pressed and worked normally. The simple template design greatly reduces the cost of template production.


Dual stepper motor and synchronous belt


Folding bedplate is easy to handle

Why use Automatic Machines from IMB, with Brother's support?

Reduce Cycle Time

Automatic machines can reduce cycle time by 35% on average

Reduce Skilled Operators

Only requires 1 non-skilled operator instead of several skilled operator

Easy to Use

Brother will provide support for consultations, installations and trainings.

Watch the Automatic Machine in operation

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