Electronic direct drive lockstitch bar tacker (Short remaining thread spec.)

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  • KE-430FX II

・Reduction of Disposition of Thread Ends and Enhanced Sewing Capability can Improve the Quality
・Overwhelmingly superior productivity with the world's top-class cycle time
・Digital tension as standard equipment
・User-friendly Operation Panel
・Clean Sewing with Semi-dry Type

Stable thread tightening and thread trimmer when sewing from light materials to medium materials and heavy materials. They minimize the the disposition of thread ends.

Reduction of disposition of thread ends and enhanced sewing capability can improve the quality

Reduction of disposition of thread ends(short remaining thread)
Renewed thread trimmer cuts the thread, realizing short remaining threads. The disposition of thread ends after sewing can be reduced. Also, the thread nipper, equipped as standard*. minimizes thread cast off at sewing start and bird's nest.

Enhanced sew-capability for medium materials
The brand new thread take-up stroke provides stable thread tightening. So that medium material specification covers heavy usage.

Conventional model


Overwhelmingly superior productivity with the world's top-class cycle time

Since a direct drive system is used, the KE-430FX II boasts the world's top-class sewing speed 3,200 sti/min in shuttle hook sewing machines. Since the work clamp lift amount can be set in two steps, it contributes to enhanced productivity.

Digital tension as standard equipment

Digital Tension is equipped as standard so you can adjust the tension appropriately for the material being sewn. No more relying on individual feel, changing the thread tension can be added onto the sewing programs.

User-friendly Operation Panel

The operation panel is designed to be user-friendly and to improve the ease of operation. Sewing patterns, sewing speed and upper thread tension can be memorized as user programs. Other useful functions such as production counter and lower thread counter are available.

Clean Sewing with Semi-dry Type

All bar tacker and button attaching models are semi-dry type. They supply constant clean oil only to the shuttle hook, there is no concern of oil staining from needle bar area. The direct drive system, having no belt shavings can keep products clean.

Quick Change Device for Easy Work Clamp Change

The work clamp can be easily replaced by loosening the bolt and moving the work clamp arm levers.

Easy Maintenance

The KE-430FX II provides an easy maintenance, thanks to its long life cycle of the grease.

High Energy Saving

New Brother-developed motor realizes high energy saving with direct drive system which minimizes loss of power transmission.
The KE-430FX II exercises strong sewing with less energy.


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