Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker (Short remaining thread spec.)


  • NEXIO KE-430HS

・Productivity Improvement by World's Top-class Sewing Speed and IoT
・Reduction of disposition of threads ends (short remaining thread)
・Beautiful and Highly-reproducible Sewing Quality
・Superior Usability as Everyone can Use Easily and Reliability
・Clean Sewing with Minimum Lubrication


Reduction of Dispositon of Thread Ends (Short Remaining Thread)

Thread trimmer driven by stepping motor cuts the thread shorter, stable and quietly than conventional mechanical thread trimmer. It reduces hand trimming work after sewing.

Reduction of disposition of thread ends (short remaining thread)
Enhanced Sew-capability for Medium Materials

The brand new thread take-up stroke provides stable thread tightening. So that medium material specification covers heavy material usage.

Overwhelmingly Superior Productivity with Sewing Speed 3,300sti/min

KE-430H provides 3,300sti/min (BE-438H: 2,800sti/min) and contributes to enhance productivity.

User- intuitive Color LCD with Touch Panel

Equipped the Color LCD with touch panel that indicates display items with illustration icons, offering use-intuitive operation. It is very easy to set the cycle program, along with sewing patterns, sewing speed, and magnification. The upper thread tension can be stored easily as user programs.

User- intuitive Color LCD with Touch Panel

  • Direct Drive
  • Multi-use


Bar Tacking Machine Lineup

Bar Tacking / Pattern Tacking

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