Upgrade program

PS-300B Upgrade program Ver.2.52

WindowsR requirements

WindowsR XP Service Pack 2 or later(32bit), Vista(32bit/64bit)*1,
7(32bit/64bit)*1, 8(32bit/64bit)*2, 8.1(32bit/64bit)*2, 10(32bit/64bit)*2

*1: PS-300B of Ver.2.10 and later support Windows Vista and Windows 7
*2: PS-300B of Ver.2.23 and later support Windows 8 or later

    *: WindowsR is registered trademarks or trademarks of MicrosoftR Corporation in the United States and other countries.


  1. Create a folder to save the downloading upgrade program.
  2. Click "Download (PS300B252Up.EXE)" to start downloading
  3. Save the upgrade program in the folder crated at step 1.


    The PS-300B product CD-ROM is required for this upgrading process.
    The upgrade to the newest version is possible directly from any versions.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.51 to Ver.2.52

  • BAS-370H and BAS-375H are supported.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.50 to Ver.2.51

  • BAS-360H and BAS-365H are supported.
  • Absolute tension code for BAS-360H, BAS-365H, KE-430H and BE-438H can be added on the sewing data.
  • Fixed a behavior of opening an image file.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.40 to Ver.2.50

  • KE-430H and BE-438H are supported.
  • Sequence play function is added.
  • The operation of the auto sequence is improved.
  • In the machine model setting dialog, the function to reset color settings to defaults is added.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.31 to Ver.2.32

  • Fixed a problem with function “Write To Machine Media” for BAS-300F series or older.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.25 to Ver.2.31

  • BAS-311HN and BAS-326H484 are supported.
  • Window size and element size of the sequence window can be changed.
  • Multiple elements can be selected when changing the sewing order with the sequence window.
  • Connection type “Baste” is added on the sewing property dialog.
  • Highlighting of search results is improved when searching stitches.
  • End code can be configured on the design information dialog.
  • Sewing speed code of BAS-300H series can be added on the sewing data.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.23 to Ver.2.25

  • BAS-326H/341H/342H and BAS-342HXL are supported.
  • *: Please choose the "BAS-311H" in Machine Model Setting in case of creating design elements for BAS-311HN.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.22 to Ver.2.23

  • BAS-311H is supported.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.21 to Ver.2.22

  • BAS-300G is supported.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.20 to Ver.2.21

  • KE-430F/BE-438F are supported and Digital Tension code can be added on the sewing data.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.10 to Ver.2.20

  • KE-430F/BE-438F are supported and Digital Tension code can be added on the sewing data.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver.2.0 to Ver.2.10

  • The BAS-342G is supported.
  • The operation of changing the sewing order of the design elements (with Sequence Window) is improved. (It has been changed from "drag & drop" to sliding.)
  • Data containing small stitches can be output. (When the data contains small stitches, a warning is displayed at the output.)

Changes in the upgrade from Ver1.51 to Ver.2.0

  • Output No. of trigger code of BAS-311G/326G can be specified.
  • Automatic connection/no connection of outline of DXF data can be selected at data reading.
  • Pitch can be specified in scale-up/-down of sewing data.
  • Operation can be done with Snap Setting dialogue open.

Changes in the upgrade from Ver1.0 to Ver1.51

  • Inputting/Outputting the data to/from BAS-311G,and inputting the thread tension code (0 to 9) and the presser foot height code are available.
  • Input/Output window can be displayed in the details screen from the beginning.
  • Both icon and list (w/ creation date) displays are available for file opening.
  • Layers can be selected when inputting DXF files.
  • Start/End points of ellipses and circles can be moved.
  • "Running" can be selected as a connection data.
  • Points can be added on any positions of lines.
  • DXF file can be used as a background.
  • Start/End points can be displayed/hidden.
  • Punch points can be printed.
  • Function to create stitch data by selecting numbers of stitches is added to the edit function.
  • KeyID can be checked on the version information on "Help" menu.

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