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  • Disassembly and assembly should only be carried out by a qualified technician.
  • Carefully read the "SAFETY INSTRUCTION" here and the whole of the service manual to understand this product before you start maintenance.
  • BASIC Panel Operation [Brother BAS-H]

    BASIC Panel Operation [Brother BAS-H]

    This is a manual on how to do the basic setting on the panel of Brother's BAS-H series, BAS-311HN/BAS-326H/BAS-326H484/BAS-341H/BAS-342H/BAS-360H/BAS-365H/BAS-370H/BAS-375H. We would like to show some basic operations like creating program. Please try to set it on the panel following the steps in the video, then you can use BAS machine to the full extent.

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