Notes on safety for Brother industrial sewing machine

Single needle lock stitch sewing machine

Twin Needle Lock Stitch / Twin Needle Split Needle Bar Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

T-8422D & T-8422C series

Listed sewing machine

  • T-8421D/T-8421C
  • T-8422D/T-8422C
  • T-8452D/T-8452C
  • T-8722D/T-8722C
  • T-8752D/T-8752C
  • T-8420C
  • T-8450C
  • T-8720C
  • T-8750C

Zigzag Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

Z-8550A / Z-8560A

Buttonhole Sewing Machine

Bar Tacking Machine

Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine

BAS-H Series

Listed sewing machine

  • BAS-311HN
  • BAS-326H
  • BAS-326H484/326H484-SF
  • BAS-341H
  • BAS-342H
  • BAS-360H
  • BAS-365H
  • BAS-370H
  • BAS-375H

Inquiry about price and sewing machine

  • Price Inquiry

    For request the sewing machine's price list, catalog, introduction of our dealer, detailed machine spec, and so on.

  • Technical Inquiry

    For technical inquiries about Brother industrial sewing machine functions, operations, repair, maintenance, adjustment, and so force.

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