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Company Overview

Factory Name Arvind Limited
Interviewee - Mr. Tapan Rajvanshi, Chief Operating Officer
- Mr. Raju, Chief Manager Engineering
- Mr. Prashanth, Global IE Manager
Place Bengaluru, India
Number of Employees 42,000
Establishment date - 1931
Sewing Products - Shirts, Denim, Knit, Workingwear


Arvind keeps growing with Brother's latest technology, DigiFlex Feed and IoT.

Arvind is primarily being known as a 1.7 Billion dollar Company, having diversified interest in textile and apparel and retail. They also have advance textile and telecommunication, real estate. Mr. Tapan Rajvanshi, Chief Operating Officer, mentioned about their shirt division, “We do men’s shirts supplies throughout the world we provide solution to the customers like GAP, PVH, Marks and Spencer UK, ZARA which is actually a tex group, LEVIS and H&M. These are some more clients we are working right now.”

“We have been working and association with Brother for around 25 years since we started the first plant in denim. “ Mr. Rajvanshi continued, “Brother is a leading company everybody knows about the technology provided across, I think with Arvind as a group and Brother as a company in terms of having interchange of technology understanding each other and providing solution to the market.
We are very happy with them and our technological team which we have the Industrial Engineers always prefer Brother so that is the main reason for us to continue.”

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Impressive differences from conventional ones.

Mr. Raju, Chief Manager Engineering, stated his first impression to Brother’s DigiFlex Feed function, “We were surprised the smooth feeding of the machine. Then, we also found drastically the noise is reduced. Surely we are using Brother Machines for the past 2 decades and we found the machine and its electronic system more durable. This machine is for all like operators, engineers, and also managers.”

Mr. Prashanth, Global IE Manager, added, “Technology upgrade needs some time in terms of improving the quality, cost deliverance and quality deliverance to the customer, improving the operator productivity, reducing hour wastages, all are linked to technology upgrade and Brother has taken the right steps.”

Both productivity and quality has increased thanks to the reduction of needle breakage.

Arvind in India - customer review 03

“Due to its needle breakage prevention technology, there is drastic reduction in needle breakage, this has reduced our break down time, improved the quality. This machine’s stable sewing quality should be applauded.” Mr. Raju and Mr. Prashanth described their satisfaction with anti-needle breakage mechanism built into DigiFlex Feed machines.

Ergonomic technology makes profit.

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Mr. Prashanth elaborated on the benefits from DigiFlex Feed, “The electronic feed dog can be controlled so that you can have different feed mechanism, similar to what you can get in a needle feed or variable feed machine. Depending upon the fabrics, we can adjust the feed mechanism, it can achieve high quality well. The machines are extremely smooth, brilliant to operate, the operators find the machines so easy and smooth to handle, they are very happy with the machine, it is so ergonomic.”

IoT along with DigiFlex technology are very potent together.

Arvind in India - customer review 05

They also decided to implement Brother’s IoT, NEXIO system. “It’s not obtrusive. Many other systems in this industry require operators to tap a button on a machine, swipe an RFID, etc. However, Brother’s IoT system has a discreet and unobvious way of capturing the data, so operators can focus on the operation. They are not bothered by the data capturing mechanism because it’s automatically happening in the background.” Mr. Prahanth continued, “Besides, their system is bringing proactiveness into the decision making process. We can have real time information regarding the productivity of operators including the downtime, then the manager can take immediate actions, so all these combined will help improve the overall performance of the shop floor and it will turn results in bigger production outputs, better efficiency, able to control downtimes. ”

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