Customer review from CKDL in Bangladesh on KE-430HX

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Company Overview

Factory Name Croydon Kowloon Designs Ltd. - Bitopi Group
Interviewee Mr. Donald Fernando CEO
Place DEPZ: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Number of Employees 15,000
Sewing Products Technical jackets, outwear, bottoms for world reputed buyers such as Decathlon, K-mart, BJ's, Next, Tommy Hilfiger, and many buyers based in Europe, Russia, Australia, USA, etc.
Others - CKDL is under the umbrella of Bitopi Group, which was incepted in 1968.
- Now they have 5 states of the art manufacturing mills across Bangladesh.


CKDL installs 100% Brother machines as their sewing partner.

Bitopi Group is involving with Brother for over 10 years. When setting up the new plant CKDL, the company decided to purchase a 100% lock stitch machine from Brother due to before and after-sales service, flexibility to work with different fabrication, competitiveness in pricing, durability and reliability on brand.
Donald Fernando, Chief Executive Officer of CKDL said, “Thanks for the productivity of Brother machines, we can complete with the competitors and give a better product to the market and makes a more profitable for ourselves. Once after Brother machine is installed, we can understand the effect vividly. And we have been really impressed by this sewing machine.”
“Surely, I would like to highly recommend others to install the Brother machine as a sewing solution partner. Brother can help us with their great attitude to work for the garment industry,” he added.

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Great machine and great support. That's why we selected Brother.

“There are several reasons to purchase KE-430HX, bartack sewing machine from Brother such as high productivity with 3300 RPM, supported with the very low noise level, fewer oil stains on fabric, short remaining thread and can extend sewing dimension easily,” Donald Fernando explained behind the secret of purchasing Brother machine. Further, he added that “Brother is constantly helping us with new technical solutions. As costs are growing day by day, we able to reduce machine downtime, increase productivity, needed low maintenance cost as we minimize machinery maintenance budget.”

High productivity with 3,300 RPM

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CEO stated the features of KE-430HX.“There are 27 to 45 Bartack points in a pant or bottom items. The speed really matters when you working with the 3300 RPM machine. As a limited time, we get high productivity by adopting Brother Bartack machine.” CEO stated.

Less thread breakage using needle cooler

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“Another significant advantage of Brother Bartack is needle cooling device. When we especially work with heavy materials with very high speed like 3300 RPM, the needle temperature needs to trap at the minimum level. The results of needle cooling device are less thread breakage with very high productivity,” Donald Fernando disclosed his feelings with satisfaction to Brother. Thread breakage is a big problem for garment factories. It seriously damages both productivity and sewing quality. With this needle cooling system, they do not face any such problems now.

Low machine downtime and less maintenance cost

“Our production system is monitored by a digital system and we found that new Brother Bartack machine downtime is zero and needed very low maintenance cost. Thanks, Brother, for introducing new machines for the industry and to keep the productivity up,” Donald Fernando said doubtlessly.

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