Customer review from Daehan in Indonesia on IoT NEXIO SYSTEM

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Company Overview

Factory Name PT Daehan Global
Interviewee - Mr. Jae Hyun Kim, General Production Planning
- Ms. Widya Musyarofah, Production Planning Staff
Place Brebes, Indonesia
Number of Employees 17,000
Establishment date and so on - 1996 in Bogor, Indonesia
- Export especially to US and Korea
Sewing Products - Woven items such as jackets and pants for men, women, and kids.


We installed Brother IoT system in our new factory, 80 sewing lines equipped in 4 buildings.

PT Daehan Global is one of the largest woven vendors from Korea. They export their clothing to especially the US, which is GAP, Abercrombie, Wallmart, GUESS, and so on.

“DHG Brebes has 80 sewing lines equipped in 4 buildings. We are currently expanding the factory and at this time, we installed Brother IoT, NEXIO SYSTEM in our new factory.”

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As he said in a recent interview, they have utilized Brother IoT system since 2019.
For how to use the IoT system, it has been utilized for data verification by data export through a wireless connection with each sewing machine with IE team's process.

Every day I usually start by checking the status of the sewing machines with the IoT system.

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Ms. Widya Musyarofah, a staff of production planning described her satisfaction with the system. It has become an integral part of her daily work.

After making sure the machines are turned on, I monitor the bar graph to check the output data on each machine and also the machine’s production progress.

For example, if there is a process where the sewing machine is turned on but the output data is not displayed on the graph, we go to the line to check the situation.Then I make the report based on the data result and send it to General Manager, Production Manager, and Production Chief.

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This system is a worthwhile investment.

Daehan in Indonesia - customer review 05

It can be implemented in the latest sewing machines. Mr. Kim mentioned that they appreciate the system performance.

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