Customer review from May Hai in Vietnam on IoT; NEXIO SYSTEM

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Company Overview

Factory Name May Hai Garment Joint Stock Company (May Hai)
Interviewee - Mr. Nguyen Viet Toan, Managing Director
- Mrs. Tong Thi Hong Thuy, Factory 2 Director
- Mrs. Bui Thi Nhan, Factory 1 Director
- Mrs. Pham Thi Anh Tuyet, IE Manager
Place Hai Phong City, Vietnam
Number of Employees 2,000
Establishment date and so on - 1986
Sewing Products - Fashion wear, Jacket, Knit wear


We have studied many productivity management systems and chose Brother's NEXIO SYSTEM after all.

Industry 4.0, it is the hottest topic in the world. And it's slowly transforming much of the production process in the sewing industry. The issue for the sewing industry is the lack of human resources. To achieve both superior productivity and sewing quality with limited people, the problem in the production line has to be found and solved immediately by a system. May Hai is the progressive company introducing the latest IoT, Brother's NEXIO SYSTEM.
By over 30 years of experience, May Hai has built a reputation for excellence in product and service quality, as well as being one of the leading enterprises in high technology adoption to production management. According to the Factory 2 Director - Mrs. Tong Thi Hong Thuy: Before, May Hai used another system but it took a lot of time to update data, and waste in the production was still high. Since using NEXIO SYSTEM, the output of workers, production lines, and factories have been updated regularly, accurately, and promptly. "We have studied many production management systems such as RFID, Prodsmart, Bravo, ... but we decided to choose Brother's NEXIO SYSTEM ", said Mr. Nguyen Viet Toan, Managing Director of May Hai.

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NEXIO SYSTEM has full of functions that a manager needs: Fast - Accurate - Visual and Convenient.

Mr. Toan shared that NEXIO SYSTEM has full of functions that he concerns such as collecting information automatically, quickly and accurately. He can monitor the production progress at any time and anywhere. During the interview, Mrs. Thuy also expressed her impression with "Real-time" function, because she can observe and manage the facility production better at anywhere. Specially, all these figures are presented by a graphic display and simple charts. It's so understandable.

Company competitiveness gets growing.

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According to Mrs. Bui Thi Nhan - Factory 1 Director, the greatest benefits from NEXIO SYSTEM are to increase productivity and competitiveness of the enterprise through effective management and unnecessary cost reduction. - Regarding workers: improve their self-discipline in working. - Regarding management: update all data correctly and timely, such as outputs, operator's working ratio, number of defective products, bottlenecks and equipment status. All these things help to improve productivity, ensure the delivery schedule and make customer satisfied.

Instead of wasting 3-4 hours to collect data, IE staffs only take a few minutes on laptop.

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As IE Manager - Mrs. Pham Thi Anh Tuyet has many troubles in building standard time database, because it requires a lot of time to collect and analyze data correctly. However, since the NEXIO SYSTEM adoption, everything was changed. "In the past, we spent much time on inspection and recording operation from workers. It took about 3-4 hours for each product code. We also have to review and refine the data after that. But by NEXIO SYSTEM, we only take a few minutes on laptop."

Director's daily work has improved dramatically.

Many more functions help their daily work. "Working time ratio" shows them the working efficiency of workers if it's good or not. "Operation ratio" analyzes it more deeply and lets them know the operation time of sewing machines, manual, maintenance, and downtime. Moreover, INS panel has a simple display and easy to use that helps their team to summarize all the errors timely. Thanks to that, they can control and manage the job better by making a fast and accurate decision. Mrs. Thuy applauds the system.

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