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Company Overview

Factory Name Moonlight Garments Limited.
Interviewee - Mr. Saiful Arefin Khaled Director
Place Bangladesh
Number of Employees More than 5,000 employees are involved in different capacities.
Establishment date and so on - Moonlight Garments Ltd started its business operation in 1984, which is a fully export-oriented company, exporting its woven and knit products to Europe, USA and other countries.
- Moonlight’s main buyers are Wal-Mart, Zara, C&A etc.
- It is a sister concern of Khaled Group of Companies.
- Its objective is to increase investment in Apparel sector.
Sewing Products - Shirts, pants, jackets, trousers, polo shirts, ladies and kids items etc.


Moonlight ? A Tech Friendly Garments Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Moonlight Garments Ltd is one of the top ranking users of Brother industrial sewing machines in Bangladesh. Its Director Mr. Saiful Arefin Khaled expressed his deep satisfaction over Brother solutions, mainly of the S-7250A.
He expressed his observation in such a way, “Currently we are facing huge pressure from buyers to reduce prices. Same time cost incurring for continuous compliance improvement issues. So we had no way to look for high productivity and most efficient machine. And at that moment Brother sales team introduced us a new technology DigiFlex Feed developed by brother and claimed that machine model is S-7250A can serve our purpose.”
“After trial demonstration of this machine we understood, Yes!! This is machine that we were looking for. Then we immediately opened LC for 100 sets of S-7250A. After using this machine, we realized that we didn’t make any mistake buying this machine. Because, earlier we had to employ more workers, which was expensive for the factory. When we started to use Brother S-7250A, we observed improved quality production. We found it is cost-effective as well. So we decided to repeat ordered for another 46 sets of S-7250A”, Mr Khaled added.

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Brother increases profit, reduces cost

“Brother is such a brand and technology that meets up my expectation. My factory people get every solution from Brother.
S-7250A machine provides us more productivity, saves time and costs. Now our maintenance costs, which were incurred by the needle breakage, have been reduced significantly and it is less than 50% compared to last time” told Mr. Khaled.
The S-7250A also improves sewing quality, very less puckering, reduces oil stains, observed by Mr. Khaled.

Ensure uninterrupted production facility

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Opining ‘Needle Breakage Prevention’ as the best innovation of Brother, Mr. Khaled told, “Brother’s new technology S-7250A, which is featured with needle breakage prevention and contributed to increase productivity. We saw in our factory that if needle of a machine breaks down, the production-line stops and seriously effecting productivity. Using S-7250A, we are experiencing that the production-line is going on smoothly without buffering.”

Thanks to the newest technology DigiFlex Feed

“I can firmly mention here from my feeling that the high grade DigiFlex Feed machine S-7250A improves factory efficiency and it has a most beneficial feature is less Puckering sewing quality. This machine can change the feed motion depend on sewing material and process because of the adaptation of DigiFlex Feed technology.
Moreover, S-7250A has complete sealed aluminum oil tank. This advantage has reduced oil stain problem and unnecessary expenses of the factory”, opined Mr. Khaled.
He also added: “I’m fully satisfied with S-7250A performance.
Therefore, we are thinking to purchase S-7250A again for the next investment.”

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Unmatched Customer Service

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“After all ‘Satisfaction’ is the main benchmark to choose Brothe as a business partner. We are satisfied with the after sales service quality and quick response by the Brother team. Its CS support is very friendly. We always get cordial feedback whenever we needed, even in off working hours which is unmatched with other service provider,” Mr. Khaled conveyed his happiness.

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