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Company Overview

Factory Name PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya
Interviewee - Ms. Karen Christina, Secretary Director
- Ms. Mimi Suratmi, Senior Supervisor
- Mr. Anjar Komar, Operator
Place Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Number of Employees 8,300
Establishment date - 1985 in Bandung, Indonesia
Sewing Products - All types of woven garment


Investment in Brother machines are absolutely valuable.

PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya is a well-known textile and garment company in Indonesia. They produce all types of modern garments and export to all over the world including domestic markets. Although their buyers are countless, for instance, we know H&M, Carter, Oskos, Maurice, and many Japanese buyers.

According to Karen Christina, Secretary Director of PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya, they have many types of Brother’s sewing machine including the latest one, S-7300A and S-7250A. “We purchased the DigiFlex Feed(DFF) machines such as S-7300A and S-7250A because they are high-tech machines, the stitching results are far better than other machines with minimized thread ends and very easy to use.” She mentioned the benefits of machines. “With DFF function, it can avoid puckering and easy to sew. Moreover, in addition to the quality improvement, our proiduction speeed and efficiency are also increasing. The investment in these machines is absolutely valuable thanks to its high-tech engine, speed, efficiency, and the quality.”

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Outstanding sewing quality superior to other machines.

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Ms. Mimi Suratmi, Senior Supervisor of PT Sansan Saudaratex Jaya expressed her deep satisfaction for Brother. She has a lot of experiences with a lot of sewing machines. Even compared to other machines, S-7300A and S-7250A greatly contribute to their quality demands. She described her feeling, “I am very satisfied with Brother’s DFF machines because the sewing quality is far different from our previous machines.”

Easy set-up without mechanical assistance.

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“While using Brother’s S-7300A, I feel very comfortable.” Mr. Anjar Komara told his experience with S-7300A as a sewing operator there. “It is very easy to set up. I can set up my machine by myself without mechanical assistance. We don’t need to call a mechanic for better sewing results.” S-7300A equips a color LCD touch panel for intuitive operation. Also, the feed mechanism is digitalized, which is an essential part to get better sewing quality and a mechanic used to take much time to adjust manually. S-7300A can be adjusted by an operator himself. He applauded its efficiency.

Both thin and thich facric can be sewn without deforming.

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“The sewing quality is excellent too.” Mr. Anjar Komara continued, “It does not cause puckering on the seams. We can sew both thin and thick part without deforming. Besides, thread ends are short.” He utilizes DigiFlex Feed, the worthy feature for them in terms of sewing quality.

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