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Company Overview

Factory Name UniGears Ltd.
Interviewee - Mr. Saman Rohana Jinadasa Executive Director
Place Gazipur, Bangladesh
Number of Employees 1,600
Sewing Products - Active wears, Sports wears, Tracksuits, and many value-added products along with the basic products
And More - With an unparalleled vision of sustainable and profitable growth, Gears Group is operating in textile industry for more than 25 years, a 100% export oriented company.
- They are dealing with high-end buyers like Adidas, Umbro and UK&USA based many other buyers.


Gears Group adopted Brother machine as a total solution.

Bangladesh textile industry is on the route to achieving USD 50bn export target, but the progress is slow in contrast with the export target! Manufacturers are more interested to produce basic and plain products rather than high-end products which is actually why the industry is facing a downward drag. At the same time, to yield high-end products, the sewing machine is of the utmost paramount feature.
UniGears Ltd is unique here, they proved their caliber in producing active wears and in this endeavor they are proudly using Brother sewing machines, a name which creates unparalleled confidence. They have installed Brothers’ new technology machine S-7250A as a prodigious solution to improve excellence.
Mr. Saman Rohana Jinadasa, Executive Director of UniGears Ltd voiced, “We are not a typical manufacturer, we produce value-added products and naturally Brother machine is the ultimate solution to ensure the quality of the products. Undoubtedly S-7250A is a prodigious machine for the sewing industry and so far my experience is exquisite with this machine.”

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The better sewing class compared to the same type of different branded machine.

He further explained that “First we did a trial of the same type of different branded machine and then witnessing atop of the notch astonishing result, we have installed Brother S-7250A machine. Which is also unquestionably efficient and cost saving during the trial session.”
At the present, Gears Group has more than 500 sets of Brother machine of diverse models including special bar tack KE-430H. Among, S-7250A is the newest state-of-the-art technology model which comes with a revolutionary single needle machine.

Core reason to install S-7250A is reduction of puckering.

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‘Puckering free stitch’ is the most attracting feature of S-7250A. Because, DigiFex Feed technology can change the feed motion depending on sewing material and process.
“As we manufacture high value-added active wears and use synthetic fabrics mostly polyester, puckering is a common and sweltering problem for us. Here, S-7250A is a very worthy solution for us. Amazingly! Till now we have no puckering issue with this state-of-the-art machine,” Mr. Saman Rohana stated.

Brother is a total solution for whole sewing industry.

“We continuously have to be up to date to sustain in the business. The prime challenge now in the sewing industry is time and cost after the resetting of the new wage structure.
Fortunately, I know Brother for ages and they have almost all solutions for the sewing industry. Hope Brother will come up with more revolutionary innovations like amazing S-7250A machine,” Mr. Saman Rohana applauded.

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User-friendly for every operators.

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“Usually we choose a machine after the final trial period and astonishingly we found that most of the time operators pick out the Brother machine and they say it is easy to operate and aids them to increase efficiency,” Mr. Saman Rohana said confidently.
“We are a very special unit which makes woven & knit products in the same line. Our product range varies from crew neck tee, fleece jacket to padded jacket and cargo bottoms. S-7250A is a machine which we easily can adjust in the line,” he also added.

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