Electronic Direct Drive Zigzag Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer

Z-8560A Specifications

  • Z-8560A

・The compact knife mechanism in a single unit enables simple maintenance.
・Clean sewing with no oil staining.
・Energy-saving model.
・Wide-variety pattern sewing is available.

Zigzag lock stitch sewing machine: Z-8550A/Z-8560A Product Information

Brother Industrial Sewing Machine
Electronic Direct Drive Zigzag Lock Stitcher
Z-8550A. Z-8560A


Model Z-8560A
Direct drive
Max. zigzag width 10.0mm*1
Application Light materials
Medium materials
Presser foot height Manual : 6mm
Knee : 10mm
Needle bar stroke 33.3mm
Thread Trimmer
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min*2
Max. feed amount 5.0mm*3
Sewing pattern 8 types, 14 patterns built-in (Custom patterns can be added up to 99 patterns with a total of 49,500 stitches, 500 stitches or less per pattern.)
Thread take-up Rotary
Height of feed dog 1.0mm
Presser foot pressure 10-30N
Needle Schmetz 134SUKNm70/10
Weight Machine head: 49kg
Control box: 14-15kg
Arm pocket size Arm pocket width: 300.0mm
Arm pocket height: 121.5mm
Arm bed size 517.5x178.0mm
Motor AC servo motor (4-pole,550W)
Power Single-phase: 100V
3-phase: 200V
Max. electric power consumption: 400VA
Control circuit Microprocessor
  • *1 The factory setting is 8.0 mm. To make it 10 mm, gauge parts and a stopper for the size are necessary (Option).
  • *2 The factory setting is 4,000 sti/min. The speed may be limited by some sewing patterns or settings of zigzag width.
  • *3 The factory setting is 2.0mm. To make it 5.0mm, gauge parts for the size are necessary (Option).


Zigzag Lock Stitch Sewing Machine Lineup

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