Bridge Type Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer


  • BAS-370H-050V


・The perfect stitch area has been expanded
・Rotary digital tension is equipped as standard to achieve more textured stitches on leather and car seat products
・Bottom plunger (needle hole plate vertical movement) mechanism reduces thread loss at the beginning of sewing and stabilizes thread tightening


World’s top-class productivity and sewing quality with Great sewing speeds(Max. 2,500sti/min)

Bridge type mechanism has a feed mechanism of X and Y that drives independently so that it provides great sewing quality at higher sewing speeds.

Great sewing quality at higher sewing speeds
Include new digital tension and needle thread breakage detection mechanism as standard equipment

Various sizes of sewing threads can be used by the new digital tension which increases the setting range of the upper thread tension. Detects kind of needle thread breakage opportunity immediately, and which reduces defective workpieces.

Needle thread breakage detection mechanism
Machine head lifting function

The machine head rises 70 mm. Even with thick materials and clamps,
you can sew a greater variety of applications minimizing concern for interference with the head. (BAS-370H / 375H only)

machine head lifting function
Ease of Access to shuttle hook area is simplified

When adjusting shuttle hook, the operator does not have to reach under the machine.

Ease of Access to shuttle hook area is simplified

  • Direct Drive
  • Jeans
  • Bag
  • Sport shoes


Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine Lineup


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