Bridge Type Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer

NEXIO BAS-370H Features

  • BAS-370H

・Bridge type mechanism provides great sewing quality at higher sewing speeds
・World’s top-class productivity and sewing quality with Great sewing speeds
・Max. sewing area: 700mmx700mm

NEXIO BAS-H series Bridge Type Product Introduction

BAS-360H/365H/370H/375H *this video mentions about BAS-360H&365H.

- Bridge type mechanism provides great sewing quality at higher sewing speeds
- World’s top-class productivity and sewing quality with Great sewing speeds(Max. 2,700sti/min)
- For use with various types of sewing applications such as shoes and airbags

The large sewing area enables to set multiple workpieces of such as shoes or bags at the same time and to sew larger applications such as automotive airbags, enhances productivity.

World’s top-class productivity and sewing quality

Bridge type mechanism has a feed mechanism of X and Y that drives independently so that it provides great sewing quality at higher sewing speeds.
A needle cooler preventing thread breakage thus for greater sewing speeds(Max. 2,700sti/min).

Effective utilization of factory floor space with compact footprint

The workspace footprint is extremely small for the larger sewing area provided when compared to conventional type BAS machines *1,
allows making additional space for another machine.
*1 Programmable electronic sewing machine with sewing area larger than or equal to 200,000mm2 (BAS-365H: 280,000mm2)

User-friendly color LCD with touch panel display

7-inch large screen and easy programming functions via LCD touch panel enable an intuitive easy-to-use experience.

Productivity improvement by IoT

Brother NEXIO series are IoT applicable models*2. Connecting sewing machine to a network enables customers to analyze, manage processes, improve productivity, and monitor required maintenance.

*2 It is applicable for Brother’s IoT system. For more details, please refer to the catalog of “Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Network System”.

New digital tension allows for a wide variety of threads

Various sizes of sewing threads can be used by the new digital tension which increases the setting range of the upper thread tension.

Standard equipment

■Machine head lifting function
The machine head rises 70 mm. Even with thick materials and clamps,
you can sew a greater variety of applications minimizing concern for interference with the head. (BAS-370H / 375H only)

■Ease of Access to shuttle hook area is simplified
The auxiliary plate is fixed with a magnet which permits simple removal without using a tool.
This ease of access allows for adjustments near the shuttle area to be accomplished easily.

■Bobbin winder
Bobbin winder is equipped separately.
You can place it anywhere that’s best suited for the machine operation and to use.

■Auto eject equipment
It automatically starts sewing after inserting cassette correctly and reduces needle breakages, quality problem, and cycle time.


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