Electronic Eyelet Button Holer


  • RH-982A

・Fine finishing of button holes.
・Max. sewing speed 2,500 sti/min improves productivity.
・Large arm pocket allowing smooth material handling.
・Easy-to-use operation panel.


The world’s highest max. sewing speed 2,500 sti/min enhances productivity

The maximum sewing speed of 2,500 sti/min has been achieved by the adoption of an optimal machine structure for high-speed drive. The speed is significantly enhanced from the former 2,200 sti/min level. By enhancing the rigidity of the needle bar-area parts (patent pending) and having the feed mechanism and needle bar rotating mechanism servo-controlled, the operating time has been reduced, resulting in 13% reduction of the machine time compared with the conventional model.

The world’s highest max. sewing speed 2,500 sti/min enhances productivity
Fine finishing of button holes.

With the highly-rigid feed mechanism with servo control, stitch point is very precise and feed drifting, which is specific to electronic sewing machines, does not occur even in high-speed sewing of weighty mate-rials. The servo control also makes home position de-tection unnecessary.The shape of the looper, the thread take-up amount and some other parts have been reviewed. Skipped stitches and insufficient thread tightening due to a change of thread tension are reduced, regardless of types of threads. The range of sewing capability has been enlarged.

Fine finishing of button holes
Large arm pocket providing ease of operation

The arm pocket of 120 mm depth gives a sufficient space, enabling material setting smooth. It is the most suitable for sewing of vertical buttonholes and hip pocket parts. The arm shape provides a good view of the needle area, allowing operators to observe the sewing operation.

Large arm pocket providing ease of operation
Sewing with less noise

With thorough review of the mechanisms causing noise, quieter sewing even at higher sewing speed than the conventional model has been realized. The machine is made with a sound design gentle to ears, eliminating impact noise. The vibration of the feed base which is transmitted to an operator is also reduced. The working environment with less operator fatigue can be materialized.

The world’s highest max. sewing speed 2,500 sti/min enhances productivity

  • Chain stitch
  • Button holing
  • Thread trimmer
  • Jacket
  • Trousers
  • Jeans



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