Electronic Eyelet Button Holer

RH-9820 Specifications

  • RH-9820

・Fine finishing of button holes.
・Max. sewing speed 2,500 sti/min improves productivity.
・Large arm pocket allowing smooth material handling.
・Easy-to-use operation panel.

Eyelet Buttonhole RH-9820 Product Introduction

Brother Industrial Sewing Machine
Electronic Eyelet Button Holer RH-9820
Product Information


Specifications -00 -01 -02
Thread trimmer Upper thread trimmer Long thread cut Long thread cut Short thread cut
Lower thread trimmer None Long thread cut Short thread cut
Main applications Ladies wear Men's wear, casual wear Jeans
Other applications Only the upper thread is cut by the thread trimmer. Buttonholes up to 50 mm long can be sewn. Ladies wear,jeans,trousers
Features Only the upper thread is cut by the thread trimmer.
Buttonholes up to 50 mm long can be sewn.
All the threads are cut long by the thread trimmers.
The long thread ends can be securely held in the subsequent process.
It is suitable for cases that require accurate short end or manual trimming.
All the threads are cut short by the thread trimmers.
This saves the trouble of manual trimming and reduces consumption of the thread.
Sewing shape Sewing shape Sewing shape Sewing shape
Sewing length Eyelet buttonhole : 8-50 mm
Straight buttonhole : 5-50 mm
Eyelet buttonhole : 8-42 mm
Straight buttonhole : 5-42 mm
Length of work clamp (Standard) 30mm 30mm
Length of hammer (Standard) 22mm 24mm
Length of hammer (Accessory) 30mm 28mm
Sewing speed 1,000-2,500sti/min
Stitch pitch 0.5~2.0mm
Zigzag width 1.5-5.0 mm (Up to 4.0 mm in mechanical, up to 5.0 mm with zigzag width compensation)
Zigzag width (Factory setting) 3mm
Taper bartack length 0-20mm
Height of work clamp 12 mm as standard (Available up to 16 mm) 16mm
Starting method Foot switch (Treadle type, Two-pedal type), Hand switch (Two-lever type)
Feed mechanism Intermittent feed by 3 pulse motors (X, Y, θ)
Needle*4 DOx558 Nm80 - Nm120 (SCHMETZ)
Needle(Factory setting)*5 DOx558 Nm100 DOx558 Nm90 DOx558 Nm110
Languages supported for operation panel Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Russian
Safety equipment Emergency stop function and built-in automatic stopping device activated by safety circuit in case of trouble
Upper shaft motor AC servo motor 550W
Air pressure Main regulator: 0.5 Mpa, Hammer pressure regulator: 0.4 MPa
Air consumption 43.2 l/min. (8 cycles/min.)
Weight Machine head: Approx. 120 kg.,Operation panel: Approx. 0.6 kg., Control box: 14.2-16.2 kg. (depending on the destination)
Power supply Single phase 100V/200V, 3-phase 200V/220V/380V/400V, 400VA

  • *1 Special specification for Chinese market
  • *2 When sewing the circular stitch by-02 specifications, lower threads won’t be cut.
  • *3 Change of the ranges L1422-L3442 is available by replacing gauge parts. (For details, please consult your place of purchase.)



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