Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer


S-6280A front view
  • S-6280A front view

S-6280A Single Needle direct drive straight look stitcher

・Comfortable and high-speed sewing
・LED light equipped as standard
・User-friendly operation panel


LED Light Equipped as Standard

Handy LED lights are equipped at the both side of the needle as a standard for better operation, and it prevents shadows on the garment.

User-friendly operation panel

Easy-to-understand key layout and display.

Electric presser foot lifter

It increases productivity and it reduces the sound compared with mechanical pressure.

High operatbility with 2 hand switches

You can assign the function to each switch with various combinations, and it enables your operator to use the machine efficiently.

  • Bottom-feed
  • Direct Drive
  • Thread trimmer
  • Operation panel
  • Multi-use


Single Needle Lock Stitch Lineup

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