Single Needle Direct Drive Needle Feed Lock Stitcher with Thread Trimmer

S-7220D Basic function

  • S-7220C

・User-intuitive Color LCD Display Touch Panel
・Productivity improvement with loT capabilities
・The needle feed mechanism further inures even material feeding while sewing

The needle feed lock stitcher is suitable for the sewing of slippery or multiple layers of material.
It prevents uneven material feeding, meeting the highest quality sewing standards.

Increased needle penetration


When the needle penetration resistance is increased in cross over seams and extra-thick overlapping of workpiece sewing, the needle penetration force is automatically increased by vibration control.

Built in display panel USB port


The Display panel is equipped with a USB port so sewing patterns and various environmental settings can be copied and shared easily with other sewing machines of the same function. This also permits software upgrades to be performed using the USB media.

Enhanced electronic design

We adopted the control circuit board design which has been proven effective in other models and strengthened the ability to cope with the voltage fluctuations. In addition, vibration resistance is improved, and you can use it safely in various environments.

User-intuitive Color LCD Display Touch Panel


There are three types of operator panel display. All the detailed home screen, quick home screen and easy home screen are easy to use without concern for panel operation.

Detailed home screen

   Easy home screen
 Quick home screen Easy home screen

Examples of suitable materials and processes

Examples of suitable materials and processes


Single Needle Lock Stitch Lineup

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