Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Side Cutter, Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer

NEXIO S-7780A Basic functions

・“DigiFlex Feed” simplifies feeding adjustments that resolve sewing issues
・Good response, providing ease when sewing by the direct drive motor
・Oil staining prevention
・Changes between normal sewing and cutting while sewing with a single touch

Greater Quality with DigiFlex Feed

DigiFlex Feed, which is world's first equipped on S-7300A and highly evaluated in the market,
digitalizes feeding system and resolves various sewing troubles without adjustment work.

  • Improvement in the reduction of needle breakage and productivity.
  • Simple select and smooth sewing without material slippage.
  • Excellent sewing quality that's easy to get proper thread tension in accordance with several materials

Good response, comfortable sewing by the direct drive motor

Compared to conventional under-table servo motor control, the pulse motor control makes starting and stopping of sewing quicker. The direct drive mechanism provides reliability with the unique built-in direct drive motor developed by Brother.

Oil staining prevention

The closed oil tank provides clean sewing capability. The minimum lubrication system prevents problems such as oil leakage and oil scattering while sewing.

Easy to Use for All Operators

Changes between normal sewing and cutting while sewing at a single touch

The side cutter can be raised and lowered at a single touch using an easy-to-operate lever.
This lets you change easily between normal sewing and cutting while sewing.

Equipped with highly reliable thread trimmer mechanism

Equipped with an automatic rotary thread trimming mechanism with a proven design of robust performance and reliability. This is enables stable thread trimming.

Wide waste opening

Scraps cut from the material are conveyed smoothly through the wide opening of the waste chute. This keeps the top of the work table clean at all times and lets the next operation proceed without concern. In addition, when not using the side cutter feature, the sewing machine can be used as a common, straight, lock stitcher by attaching a needle plate cover. br/>

Productivity Improvement by Production Management with loT

NEXIO series are loT applicable models. The visualization by connecting sewing machine and computer technology enables the customer to analyze, manage processes and speed up productivity improvement and maintenance work.

Examples of suitable processes

Run-stitch cuff
Run-stitch collar
・Jeans・Casual pants
Aligning and waist band attach
Run-stitch pocket flap


Single Needle Lock Stitch Lineup

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