Single needle straight lock stitcher


  • S-1110A

SL-777B - Single needle straight lock stitcher

・Ideal for sewing collars and flaps, and also for plain stitching of hems.
・The mode can be changed to normal sewing at a single touch.


Changes between normal sewing and cutting while sewing at a single touch

The side cutter can be raised and lowered at a single touch using an easy-to-operate lever. This lets you change easily between normal sewing and cutting while sewing.

Hinshitsu detail
29.5 mm wide duster hole

Scraps cut from the material are conveyed smoothly through this wide duster hole to the duster chute. This keeps the top of the work table clean at all times and lets the next operation proceed without any trouble. Furthermore, when not using the side cutter, the sewing machine can be used as a normal lock stitcher by attaching a needle plate cover.

Aburayogore detail
Built into arm to dramatically boost ease of operation

The cutter drive mechanism is built into the arm, allowing more space around the needle, and generally making it easier to handle the material.

Attachment detail

  • Bottom-feed
  • Multi-use


Single Needle Lock Stitch Lineup

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