Twin Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher


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T-8421D - Twin Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher

・User- intuitive color LCD display touch panel
・Productivity improvement with IoT capabilities
・Equipped with needle breakage prevention function while reverse sewing
・USB port on operation panel


User- intuitive Color LCD Display Touch Panel

The Color LCD display touch panel display items with illustration icons, offering easy user-intuitive operation. There are three types of operator panel display. All the detailed home screen, quick home screen and easy home screen are easy to use without concern for panel operation.

Color LCD Display
Equipped with needle breakage prevention function while reverse sewing

Powerful 550W motor outputs large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. This allows accurate sewing of heavy materials and joints. If the needle penetration resistance increases, such as when sewing heavy materials and materials with joints, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force.(Patent pending)

needle breakage prevention
USB port on operation panel

The Display panel is equipped with a USB port so sewing patterns and various environmental settings can be copied and shared easily with other sewing machines of the same function. This also permits software upgrades to be performed using the USB media.

USB port
Productivity improvement with loT capabilities

This model is loT applicable. The visualization by connecting sewing machine and computer technology enables the customer to analyze, manage processes and speed up productivity improvement and maintenance work. *It is applicable for Brother’s IoT system. For more information, please refer to the catalog of “Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Network System”.


  • Needle feed mechanism
  • Bottom-feed
  • Direct Drive
  • Quick back device
  • Multi-use


Twin Needle Lock Stitch Sewing Machine Lineup


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