Unison Feed Twin Needle


  • UF-8920

Wide arm bed and digitized numerical management are standard. This is the new global standard of Brother's unison-feed sewing machines. Panels and buttons can be customized to the customer's needs for user-friendly operation.

• Color LCD Touch Panel that can be customized to suit your usage
• Digitizing adjustment for enhanced sewing reproducibility, helpful for all repeated orders production, and useful to reproduce machine setting.
• Large fabric is easy to handle due to its wide arm bed. Essential for airbag, big bags or upholstery production.


Color LCD touch panel that can be customized to suit your usage.

Two home screens can be selected for each usage. It is also possible to customize the six switches and see the current setting values. In addition, it has a function to lock various setting changes to prevent operational errors from occurring.

Status LED

Three color LEDs allow you to check the status of the sewing machine. Very easy to identify from distance status of each machine.

Digitizing adjustment for enhanced sewing reproducibility

Thread tension, alternating presser foot movement, the presser bar pressure, feed pitch and the sewing speed can now be digitalized. Adjustments that used to depend on human senses can now be set numerically with more precision, and identical results on different machines.

Upper thread holding device is equipped as standard

The upper thread holding device can be set to maintain the upper thread in the back of the fabric at the beginning of sewing.


Unison Feed Unison-feed Sewing Machine Lineup

Blind Stitch

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