Unison Feed Twin Needle

UF-8920 Specifications

  • UF-8920

Wide arm bed and digitized numerical management are standard. This is the new global standard of Brother's unison-feed sewing machines. Panels and buttons can be customized to the customer's needs for user-friendly operation.

• Color LCD Touch Panel that can be customized to suit your usage
• Digitizing adjustment for enhanced sewing reproducibility, helpful for all repeated orders production, and useful to reproduce machine setting.
• Large fabric is easy to handle due to its wide arm bed. Essential for airbag, big bags or upholstery production.

Model UF-8920
Stitch Twin needle unison feed
Max. sewing speed 3,400sti/min
Max. back tacking speed 2,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 9mm
Presser foot height 20mm
Max. interaction lift stroke 9mm
Presser bar pressure 70~125N
Needle thread tension 0.7~9.5Nm
Arm pocket size 400mm
Hook size 28mm
Standard twin needle gauge 10mm
Min. needle gauge 3mm
Max. needle gauge 35mm
Needle bar stroke 40mm
Needle 134×35 Nm130 (#21)
Nm125~200 (#20~#25)
LED light LED for sewing area and arm pocket are standart equipment
Number of programs 15 programs (each program has 20steps)
Numer of patterns 9~50patterns *1
Motor AC servo motor (1kW)
Power Single-phase
3-phase: 200V-240V
  • *1 Varies depending on the numer of stitches per pattern and the total number of needles


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