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Company Overview

Factory Name PT Daehan Global
Interviewee - Mr. Dong Kyu Lee, Director
- Mr. Lee Kyung Hwan, Factory Manager
- Ms. Ayu Yuana, Chief Production
- Mr. Supriatna, Chief Mechanic
Place Brebes, Indonesia
Number of Employees 17,000
Establishment date and so on - 1996 in Bogor, Indonesia
- Export especially to US and Korea
Sewing Products - Woven items such as jackets and pants for men, women, and kids.


In order to meet our buyer's request, we always select Brother.

PT Daehan Global is one of the largest woven vendors from Korea. They export their clothing to especially the US, which is GAP, Abercrombie, Wallmart, GUESS, and so on. “As you know, their quality demand is very high-level. To meet their request, we selected Brother as a long-term strategic partner.” Mr. Dong Kyu Lee, Director of PT Daehan Global said. “We have used Brother’s sewing machine since the very beginning of our business because our goal is to produce the highest quality garment to our customer.”
Mr. Lee Kyung Hwan, a factory manager of their new factory which has over 5,000 employees, continued, “I would like to have a good relationship with Brother to develop our good products.” They purchased Brother’s sewing machine like S-7300A and KE-430HX by 95% of whole total sewing machines. “All their sewing machines are suitable for woven items. I’m happy with Brother.” He showed his satisfaction to the machines and Brother

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Current Production is far better than before.

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Brother’s sewing machine not only gives an impression to managers but also fosters work efficiency and productivity of thousands of workers at PT Daehan Global. Ms. Ayu Yuana works as a chief staff in production. She has observed the production lines for a long time and told her impression to S-7300A and KE-430HX: “I really appreciate Brother due to their great sewing machines.” Both machines are user-friendly and easy to use even for a beginner. Fewer troubles and high productivity contributes to their output. “Now, our workers are more comfortable and more productive.”

The benefits are getting bigger and bigger.

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Mr. Supriatna, as a chief mechanic explains in detail the benefits of S-7300A: “Usually, a machine requires to set manually or call a mechanic to change the settings, and it takes a long time. But now, with S-7300A, we can manage everything instantly thanks to the digitalized function and user-friendly operation panel. Also, S-7300A has a special program inside the machine to avoid puckering. We can sew all fabrics from thin to thick without problems.”

Latest technology like DigiFlex Feed and IoT should meet our future goal.

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Mr. Dong Kyu Lee elaborated on the essence of Brother. Brother's latest technology has offered new values to Daehan and always will. “Once after Brother machine is installed, we can understand the effect vividly.” He added, “Our main challenge is to improve our production and factory efficiency. We believe Brother meets our future goals by not only their sewing machine but also the latest IoT system. Brother and NEXIO can help us with their great attitude to work for the garment industry.”

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