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Company Overview

Factory Name PT Eagle Nice Indonesia
Interviewee - Mr. Johnny Tsai, Exective Vice President
- Mr.Huang Zhi Ming, Mechanical Repair Technician
Place Banten, Indonesia
Number of Employees 13,000
Establishment date - 1993
Sewing Products - Woven items


How to meet high-quality requirements from NIKE? Short thread end and tidy line is the key.

Eagle Nice Group was founded in 1993. They started their business as OEM of sportswear including down jacket, tracksuits, sweaters, sports pants and etc. Now, they have developed their ODM business as well since 2006 for further customer’s satisfaction. Their office and production bases are located in East-Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and so on. Eagle Nice Group’s customers are worldwide sportswear brands. PT Eagle Nice Indonesia is, as one of their high-quality production bases, in charge of production for NIKE.

Mr. Johnny Tsai, Executive Vice President of PT Eagle Nice Indonesia, always chooses Brother’s sewing machine for their significant production lines. He said, “Our main production line mostly consists of Brother’s product.” His factory has a lot of Brother’s sewing machine, especially S-7300A which he trusts its productivity and high-quality sewing. He continued and showed his positive attitude to develop the relationship with Brother. “We would like to cooperate with Brother to face the challenges in the future together.”

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If high-sewing quality is required, S-7300A should be chosed.

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Mr. Huang Zhi Ming is a mechanical repair technician at PT Eagle Nice Indonesia. “Currently, our company has used Brother’s S-7300A because our quality requirement is quite high.” He described the reason why they choose S-7300A, “This machine can fulfill our requirement for NIKE, which only adopted shorter thread ends less than 3mm and tidy lines.” Through his long experience with sewing machines, he convinces that S-7300A is the best solution to meet their high-quality demand.

Comparison between industrial sewing machines in the market:

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Mr. Huang has compared S-7300A with the other brand’s machines. “In terms of cutting thread and stitching, S-7300A has different methods. That’s why the trimming and sewing quality is great and very accurate, compared to other machines in the market. Moreover, according to fabrics, even any types of fabric, it can automatically change the feed. While using S-7300A, we make fewer errors.” he concluded, “Thanks to S-7300A, we can improve sewing quality and use different types of fabric. It greatly contributes to us.”

Idle time is eliminated. Productivity is increasing.

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“S-7300A is the latest high-technology machine and digitized.” Mr. Johnny also aplauded the features which Mr. Huang mentioned then added, “when we would like to change each machine’s setting, we do not need to set them manually one by one.” Idle time is reduced by S-7300A at their factory.“It has a lot of benefits. After introducing this machine, we surely has increased our efficiency with such useful features.”

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