March 29 Textile-Garment JSC (HACHIBA)


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Company Overview

Factory Name March 29 Textile-Garment JSC (HACHIBA)
Interviewee - Mr. Tran Xuan Hoe, Vice General Director
- Mr. Huynh Tan Anh, Factory Director
- Mr. Duong, Operator
Place Da Nang City, Vietnam
Number of Employees 4,000
Establishment date and so on - 1976
Sewing Products - Sportswear, shirts, jackets, suits, trousers, towel, and more.


Brother is a reputable industrial sewing machine brand with high-quality and good after-sell service.

March 29 Textile-Garment JSC (HACHIBA) is one of the leading garment companies in Da Nang, which total export turnover was over 70 million USD in 2018 and mainly exported for prestigious apparel brands, such as: Decathlon, Lanier, Bagir, Imar, ....
During the development, HACHIBA has chosen Brother to become a strategic partner because they believed in a reputable Japanese industrial sewing machine brand with high quality and good after-sales service. According to Mr. Tran Xuan Hoe, Vice General Director of HACHIBA: "Brother always support us during production process as well as highly focuses on the improvement that helps our factory increase productivity."

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KE-430HX has met all our needs and increased productivity up to 20-25%.

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Hachiba specializes in producing high-class suits, so the machine have to meet all their high requirements, including nice seam, no oil stain, high speed operation, and short remaining thread. "Wonderfully, KE-430HX has met all our needs ", Mr. Huynh Tan Anh - Factory Director said that. Its needle cooler function absolutely helps them. Moreover, he strongly impressed with KE-430HX by the capability of expanding sewing area up to 50x40mm, convenient for sewing many kinds of products. He expressed his deeply sastifaction: "Since our factories use this machine, productivity has increased significantly by 20-25%. I'm very satisfied."

3 main reasons why HACHIBA invested 100% in KE-430HX for their new factory.

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Before becoming a Vice General Director, Mr. Hoe was well known as a specialist in technique, so it's not easy to convince him to buy any model that not make him really impressive. He also revealed the main reasons why he decided to invest 100% in KE-430HX at Duy Trung new factory:"Firstly, KE-430HX is semi-dry lubrication type that helps elimination of oil stains on product. Secondly, the short threads trimming function reduces hand trimming work after sewing. And the last but not least, the price is very reasonable. It's just equal or even lower than other models but KE-430HX has many outstanding features, especially good sewing on thick fabric." He aslo affirmed that Hachiba will continues to invest more in this machine in the near future.

Workers love KE-430HX because it's fast, stable, easy-to-use panel.

In a quick talk with workers at Hachiba's factory, Mr. Duong, who has 12 years of sewing experience said that: "I like this machine because it runs very smoothly and stables even at high speed. Besides, the panel is so easy to use with a responsive keyboard. Hence, this machine gives good quality, productivity improvement, and my income has also got higher."

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