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Company Overview

Factory Name Micro Fibre Group
Interviewee - Mr. Md. Ahasan Habib, General Manager(Garments Production)
Place Narayangonj, Bangladesh
Number of Employees 12,000
Sewing Products - All types of knit garments for men, women, and children
And More - Micro Fibre Group started their glorious journey in 1998 with a vision of becoming the most recognized knitwear manufacturer of Bangladesh and one stop fashion solution to the buyers and retailers.
- They have 8 sister concern factories along with A-One Polar Ltd.
- All of their factories are integrated with sophisticated technologies in order to become the global leading knitwear manufacturer.


One of the best solution to reduce the cost and meet our future goals.

Textile business is getting ticklish day by day. Lately, Bangladesh government declared a new wage board for the Ready Made Garment workers which is now the main concern of manufacturers that how to reduce the cost. In this context, Micro Fibre Group is seeing Brother S-7250A sewing machine as one of the solutions because of its accuracy, efficiency, easy handling, less needle breakage and new cutting edge features.

Mr. Md. Ahasan Habib, General Manager of A-one Polar Ltd. acknowledge the gratitude of using this S-7250A DigiFlex Feed (DFF). “Our workers directly own Brother sewing machine, even they are not agreeing to operate other sewing machine except Brother,” he said.

“Since January 2018 we are using S-7250A and it facilitate our operation hugely. From top management to machine operator as well as buyers, all are very pleased of using this sewing machine. We have expansion plan within 2020 and we are looking forward that what new technology Brother going to introduce us that we can adopt,” he further added.

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No concerns since our relationship has started.

“We are concerned about adopting sewing machine. What actually drives us to install Brother sewing machine is ‘Quality’ and this word integrate the entire feature. From the day one of relation with Brother, we are getting all kind of support from its marketing and technical team which is another important notable point,”

“If I say from the buyer point of view, they are very much appreciating the S-7250A for its sewing quality, uncut thread and no uneven stitch feature. This also thrived us to install S-7250A and we are also planning to take more S-7250A for our expansion and hope Brother will support us with more efficient and new technology machine.”

Now in Micro Fibre Group total sewing machine is 9,000 of which 2,800 is of Brother sewing machine.S-7250A installed about 150 sets in A-One Polar Ltd and they are interested to install more.

Machine-man ratio reduced from 1:1.2 to 1:0.8.

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In the RMG factory, worker wages is one the major costs which will be more acute after implementing the newly declared wage board. Before at A-One Polar Ltd, machine-man ratio was 1:1.2 but after installing Brother sewing machine, it is reduced to 1:0.8 which is remarkable for both parties. Short remaining thread doesn’t require after-cutting process which actually affects this ratio. “We are saving crores of taka by using Brother sewing machine especially the S-7250A and it is also helping us to achieve our sustainable production goal,” Mr. Ahasan Habib said.

S-7250A is the ultimate solution to uncut thread.

A-One Polar Ltd produce product mainly for top notch European buyers. Usually buyers allows 3mm of uncut thread which is very tight. But S-7250A allows it to maximum 3mm by the new double action thread trimming mechanism which is very appreciable to the buyers. “Uncut thread is always a problem in sewing line but S-7250A gives us the ultimate solution to this problem. We are getting repeat order with good price because of excellent sewing and product quality. We are really thankful to Brother technology,” Mr. Ahasan Habib added.

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Inimitable feature and after sales service.

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S-7250 is designed with cutting edge features keeping in mind the RMG manufacturers demand. Also the after sales service of Brother to its customers is admirable because Brother believe customer is the key of business. Mr. Ahasan expressed his feelings with satisfaction to Brother, “I can remember that few years back we had a problem in Brother sewing machine and then we informed to Brother local office. What I got surprise is their technical and marketing team came to factory immediately and they resolved a critical problem working whole night, what I didn’t expect. Actually we are very happy with Brother sewing machine quality and service as well.”

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