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Customer Voice

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Company Overview

Factory Name Panwin Designs Ltd.
Interviewee - Mr. Shah Jalal Rashid Executive Director
- Mr. Siddikur Rahman Manager-Maintenance
- Mr. Sahanaz Akter Sewing Operator
Place Gazipur, Bangladesh
Number of Employees 7,000
Establishment 1998
Sewing Products - All kinds of Mens, Womens, and Kids wear:
Shirt, Jacket, Denim, Stretch fabric, and so on


Our overall production upsurges 8% after installing Brother machines.

In 2018, experts predicted 10% growth of Bangladesh apparel export but in reality, it gets almost double! Though there are many adverse situations, still BD apparel industry is in the up-trend. Adoption of new technology could boost the production and save money. Panwin Group has seen dramatic changes in production by installing Brother new technology machine S-7250A .
They have around 5,000 sewing machines where almost 50% is Brother’s machine. In the middle of 2018, they installed 400 sets of S-7250A at Panwin Designs Ltd. for its amazing features like reduction of puckering, efficiency, less needle breakage, accuracy, easy handling etc.
Mr. Shah Jalal Rashid, Executive Director of Panwin Designs Limited said, “Earlier we have experienced different branded sewing machines, among them, we found Brother more efficient and productive. If I have to say a machine name then I should mention the S-7250A machine, this machine is really a great solution for the sewing industry.”

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A necessary thing in order to produce sophisticated products is:

“We produce very sophisticated products and that’s why we always needed a sophisticated machine. Finally, we wisely choose Brother’s machine especially for their productivity and efficiency,” Mr. Shah Jalal Rashid opined about using Brother’s machine.
“After sales service is an issue which makes difference actually and I think in that case Brother is excellent! We always found Brother sales team very cordial and helping that is another important reason why we are associated with Brother,” he further added with gratefulness to Brother.

When making jackets, we no longer have troubles of puckering.

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Puckering is the most frequent problem of sewing but this is nicely solved by S-7250A DFF (DigiFlex Feed) technology. Reduction of puckering is the most beneficial feature of S-7250A. Because DFF technology can change the feed motion depending on sewing material and process.
“Taffeta is a fabric which is used for making jackets and it is very difficult to be sewn. Even with such materials, S-7250A provides us with high quality sewing.” Mr. Shah Jalal Rashid said.

S-7250A also released us from the problem on needle breakage.

He also uttered, “Business is more challenging now, every moment we are hunting the ways that how to cut manufacturing cost. Frequent needle breakage hampers the production greatly because you have to change it. But we are fortunate that we have now Brother’s S-7250A machine.”
It has less needle breakages and higher production quantity and quality. He showed their satisfaction with S-7250A’s excellent performance.

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Cost and time was reduced and production was increased

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“Surprisingly, our overall production increased 7-8% after installing brother machines and our total maintenance cost reduced also,” Mr. Siddikur Rahman, Maintenance Manager, mentioned that this machine reduces the time to reach their target by more than 1-2 hours. A machine should always be chosen carefully, otherwise, it turns into a cost center. Here, Brother is always your solution.

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