TNG Investment and Trading JSC


Customer Voice

Company Overview

Factory Name TNG Investment and Trading JSC
Interviewee - Mr. Nguyen Van Thoi Chairman
- Mr. Luu Duc Huy Factory Manager
- Mr. Tran Anh Dung Equipment Manager
- Ms. Anh Operator
Place Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
Number of Employees More than 15,000 employees
Establishment date and so on - TNG was established in 1979 with 100% state owned capital.
Sewing Products - Fashion wear, Sportwear, Knitwear, etc.


Brother becomes a strategic partner of TNG with more than 60% of the total equipment.

According to The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TNG has been honored in the Top 10 sustainable businesses in 2018 in the manufacturing sector.It was the third consecutive times they won this title.
To get this achievement, Mr. Nguyen Van Thoi, Chairman of TNG, decided to choose Brother as a long-term strategic partner. "There are more than 60% Brother machines in total of 14,000 TNG's equipments", he mentioned in the recent interview.
Mr. Tran Anh Dung, Equipment manager, elaborated: "In the plan of 2018, we invested in more than 1,000 machines, included 800 sets of S-7250A. At present, S-7250A meets all our requirements. It can sew many kinds of products, the price is reasonable compared with conventional machines, ensure the order's output, and increase productivity. For those reasons, we will continue to invest in S-7250A in the next few years."

How to meet high quality requirements from Nike & Adidas? User-friendly and No breakdown is the successful key.

“Mr. Luu Duc Huy, Factory Manager of Dai Tu-TNG factory, expressed his deep concern when NIKE and ADIDAS had required high product standards: "In order to meet their high quality requirements, we have been considering equipment investment seriously. Through elaborate search, finally, we chose the Brother machine. For everyone, S-7250A is very user-friendly, with virtually no breakdown. This machine is the key factor to improve productivity. Thanks to S-7250A, TNG group succeeded to increase sales and reduce repairing and maintenance cost."

3 greatest benefits from S-7250A DigiFlex Feed

TNG faced many problems with their old sewing machines. They could not satisfy the high quality standards and the demand for production. In the interview, Mr. Dung emphasized: "After using S-7250A, which is equipped with DigiFlex Feed (DFF) technology with 4 motions, we found that it solved many problems we formerly had. First one is oil leakage. The second one is puckering prevention on sportswear that we produce for NIKE and ADIDAS. Besides, it can sew many kinds of products."”

The new machine brings higher income and makes workers happier!

The S-7250A has not only impressed the board of managers but also satisfied thousands of workers at TNG. Ms. Anh, a young mother worker expressed her happiness: "While using S-7250A, I can recognize its nice seam and fast speed. And the most impressive feature is no oil staining on product. Product defection has been decreased and my income has been increased. I am very satisfied with this new machine."

Expectation in Industry 4.0. All we need is Brother IoT system

TNG knows one more essential factor to raise the productivity besides the latest and best sewing machines. All they need is Brother’s IoT system. "In order to keep up with the 4.0 technology in the coming years, TNG also requires Brother to provide with solutions to manage all machines in the plant. Currently, it is very difficult for us to utilize the internet to remotely manage the efficiency & productivity, and ensure all equipment operated stably & smoothly. If Brother can support us in this context, it has to be massive support in garment industry as well."

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