Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with Side Cutter, Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer


・“DigiFlex Feed” simplifies feeding adjustments that resolve sewing issues
・Good response, providing ease when sewing by the direct drive motor
・Oil staining prevention
・Changes between normal sewing and cutting while sewing with a single touch


DigiFlex Feed Direct Electronic Feed Control

DigiFlex Feed, which is world's first equipped on S-7300A and highly evaluated in the market, digitalizes feeding system and resolves various sewing troubles without adjustment work.

Good response, providing ease when sewing by the direct drive motor

Compared to conventional under-table servo motor control, the pulse motor control makes starting and stopping of sewing quicker. The direct drive mechanism provides reliability with the unique built-in direct drive motor developed by Brother.

Oil staining prevention

The closed oil tank provides clean sewing capability. The minimum lubrication system prevents problems such as oil leakage and oil scattering while sewing.

Changes between normal sewing and cutting while sewing at a single touch

The side cutter can be raised and lowered at a single touch using an easy-to-operate lever. This lets you change easily between normal sewing and cutting while sewing.

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Video de la máquina de coser con cortahilos NEXIO S-7250A con motor incorporado y sistema de alimentación electrónico. Se puede ver cómo ésta máquina industrial contribuye a la mejora y operatividad.

¿Cómo puedo aumentar la productividad con una máquina cortahilos de una aguja?

La clave está en el sistema de arrastre electrónico DigiFlex. ¡Compruébelo con nosotros!


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